Antwan Williams

Antwan Williams, widely known as “Banks,” is a dynamic and versatile multidisciplinary artist, weaving his expertise across music production, audio engineering, podcasting, and film. Beyond his creative endeavors, Antwan is a devoted educator, channeling his passion for social justice, equity, and self-development into his work. With a profound commitment to advocacy, Antwan draws inspiration from his
transformative journey, having once been an activist and artist while navigating the challenges of incarceration. His experiences have shaped him into a resilient individual who keenly understands the power of art and storytelling in fostering community empowerment.

As the co-creator of the award-winning podcast Ear Hustle, Antwan played a pivotal role in crafting a narrative that transcends boundaries, offering a unique perspective on the incarcerated experience. Additionally, Antwan’s musical prowess shines through as the composer for the well-acclaimed featured film 26.2 To Life, where Antwan contributed to creating a dynamic and captivating cinematic experience. Beyond audio and visual storytelling, Antwan showcased his artistic vision through a noteworthy art
exhibition at the University of San Francisco entitled “ A Matter of Liberation.” As a published photographer, Antwan’s lens captures moments that resonate with authenticity and depth. These diverse experiences reflect Antwan’s commitment to pushing creative boundaries and contributing meaningfully to storytelling, art, and expression.

Antwan’s foray into the world of film adds yet another dimension to his artistic repertoire. Whether capturing compelling narratives or visually articulating societal issues, his work transcends boundaries, leaving a lasting impact on those who encounter it.

Beyond his artistic pursuits, Antwan is a dedicated educator, sharing his wealth of knowledge and experiences with aspiring individuals. Antwan was a teaching artist at The Branson School from 2021 to 2023. He is currently a community specialist at three different high schools in Novato, California, helping mentor troubled youth. Antwan is also a DEI facilitator for Tamalpais High School. His commitment to self-development resonates in his teaching philosophy, where he strives to inspire others to unlock their
potential through creativity and critical thinking.

As an advocate for social justice, Antwan tirelessly works towards creating a more equitable and inclusive society. His journey from activism to artistic expression reflects a profound belief in the transformative power of storytelling and art. Through his endeavors, he seeks to express himself and uplift and empower communities, fostering positive change.

Antwan “Banks” Williams continues to be a beacon of inspiration, seamlessly merging different art forms, education, and advocacy. His story serves as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the profound impact one individual can have on the world through creativity, passion, and dedication to social change.

Right of Return Project

Antwan will produce his experimental dance film Until Then, which confronts critical aspects of the criminal legal system using hip hop and contemporary dance. The project aims to expose generational traumas perpetuated by the criminalization of poverty, with a focus on the impact on women of color.