Mary Enoch Elizabeth Baxter

Mary Enoch Elizabeth Baxter is an award-winning Philadelphia based multidisciplinary artist, activist and educator who creates socially conscious music, film, and visual art through an autobiographical lens.

Her entertaining but poignant works offer a critical perspective on the particular challenges women of color face when they become immersed in the criminal justice system. Baxter’s lyrical talents are heightened by passionate and direct messaging that continues to be timely and especially relevant in the wake of the country’s fight to protect the right to bodily autonomy for women. Although it has been a decade since her release from a Pennsylvania prison, Mary’s time spent on the inside continues to shape the direction of her art and practice.

Right of Return Project

Aint I A Woman

Aint I A Woman is a 15-minute hybrid musical documentary in three parts. The film is filled to the brim with emotional re-enactment clips of Baxer’s arrest and subsequent experience as a pregnant woman chained to the bed while giving birth in prison, punctuated by original music and dynamic verses.